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WSM 2020 Planning...

Hey Folks...time to talk 2020! 🎉

As we move forward, I just wanted to set out the WSM guidelines to hopefully make your role a bit easier. Your WSM-ness is only as powerful as your ability to contribute to the Team.

WSM Mission: To help grow and educate the broader EN community through community and thought leadership.


  • Weekly participation in either the Forums or GroupMe
  • Select one area (per year) to focus and improve EN....could be UltraRun like @tim cronk , etc. You can just message me via email and we can figure out something that you are already up to that we could share out to the Team.
  • New for 2020‼️ Post At least one item a month to either Facebook or Instagram that mentions EN. On Facebook you could tag @endurancenation and on Instagram you can tag @teamendurancenation. To clarify, this is where we are on social media so you can follow along:

Thanks so much for all you do!!!

~ Coach P



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    [Post At least one item a month to either Facebook or Instagram that mentions EN. ]

    I don't see that happening.  Can I instead hand out flyers in front of a liquor store, or something off social media? 

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    What if I took on Stryd? There is some information you topic here in the forms, but not a lot that I can see. I'm certainly not an expert but I'm starting to try and use the tool more effectively.

    It seems to me that running with power now is where cycling which power was in the early 2000s. People acquiring devices, collecting data, but not really sure what to do with it or how to use it to improve performance.

    I've had a Stryd over well over a year but have just recently picked up the books, started to pay attention to the FB groups, etc.

    Anyway, if you think there is any value to a form topic called "Let's Learn to Use our Stryd Toys More Effectively" I'd be happy to participate.

    Feel free to text or email me directly to continue the conversation .


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    Dave - while there is no doubt that our athletes are addicted to the sport,
    I’m not sure the liquor store is where I would start looking first. I
    appreciate your dedication however! Happy to take that off the table in Lou
    of some other type of contribution.

    Tom - That would be epic. Sometimes even having a conversation can lead to
    a great baseline level of content. What I’m hoping to do is create
    accessible and useful information that 95% of our athletes can use. Yes, 5%
    will want to use the Stryd to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but I
    feel like that type of stuff should be on a case by case basis.
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    @Coach Patrick I've been thinking about this for a few days and have two thoughts.

    1) Body comp - Just bringing back the weekly weight in for the JOS and in to the season. I'd want to have a conversation with @scott dinhofer as he has been running his challenge for several year and we both mentioned in the last iteration about continuing on. I don't want to steal this thunder bringing back my old spreadsheet.

    2) WKO 5 - While I'm just getting up to speed I've decided to finally make the switch from WKO 3 after 10 years. I'm sure others that have used it more could provide more useful insights but I could do some writing on the following maybe bi-monthly or quarterly post with questions; i) WKO 5 100 - basics, terms ii) WKO 101 - early utilization iii) WKO 200 - Intermediate utilization (need to learn this myself yet) iv) WKO 300 - advanced techniques - creating charts, dashboards beyond the WKO box that was created.

    Not sure how many in the house use WKO5 so not sure how many this would be of service to. The discussion would for sure move to data analytics and there are others in the house that do much more than I do in that area so I'm sure we would have some good discussion in that area as well.

    I'd also have to do a search and see what's been posted out on the EN forums already, maybe I should have done this first to see what's covered off.

    Finally I have a Facebook account but literally don't ever post. I realize that this is a driver for EN so could start to reach out but I'm not big on social media.

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    @Gordon Cherwoniak I'd be happy to pile on to the WKO5 discussions. I'm not an expert, but I use it. I tend to dive, forget about it for a while, then jump back in. I've created some graphs and charts that I use a lot, usually by tweaking someone else's idea.

    @Coach Patrick I'll start up a thread shortly. Agreed that Stryd isn't the key to world class performance (Maybe a pair of VaporFlys though!). I can start high level and then dig in if warranted. They have just released a new model and they are about to release an overhaul of their Stryd Power Center, so lots to get the conversation started. Many topics from how to learn more, what the metrics mean, understanding the graphs and charts, better analysis in WKO5, how to improve metrics, etc.


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    edited February 7, 2020 7:16PM

    I'm usually much more on the quantitative side of training but have found myself digging much deeper in the right-brain side of things as it relates to motivation, approach, etc. After over a decade in the sport (I know...that's nothing compared to the likes of the griz @Al Truscott ), consistent growth, and relative success I find it much more difficult lately to find the motivation to do specific workouts or to consistently push myself as hard. I suspect diminution of value plays a role as that 3rd/5th/10th Kona race isn't the same as the first. I'd be curious to dig into this and see what veterans and newbies alike could take away.

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    Guess what I get side-chatted on almost weekly? Going plant based. For realz.

    Maybe I could help facilitate something here along with the other plant based / plant curious folks? It doesn't need to be hard with a few key resources...


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    edited February 8, 2020 6:49PM

    @Jenn Edwards Diving into the nutrition world is a minefield.

    Exactly what is plant based? To me all diets are plant based with the caveat of choosing a protein source that is either non-animal or animal based. Are you referring to just Vegan?

    All of the following have a plant based focus:

    • Vegan
    • Lacto -Vegetarian
    • Ovo- Vegetarian
    • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
    • Paleo
    • Flexitarian

    Here is a consumer article defining the confusion I see daily:

    • Just getting people to eat more fruit and vegetables is a challenge!! Addressing the science behind why we all need more plants would be an amazing talk. Keeping it diet agnostic.
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    @Sheila Leard for sure. And to be clear I didn’t envision a Nutrition seminar. I envisioned a sharing of experiences conversation. Hard to get sharing your experience wrong because it’s just that - your experience.

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    @Jenn Edwards Gotcha. 👍️ I wonder if it would be broad scope enough. That's the Boss-Man @Coach Patrick's call.

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    WSMs, thank you so much for this...here is what I have so far...

    @Tom Glynn - going Stryd focused.

    @Jeremy Behler - Talking motivation over the long haul.

    @Gordon Cherwoniak - Considering a WKO5 kickstart project for folks.

    @Jenn Edwards - Leading a convo on the transition towards plant-based nutrition

    @Mike Roberts - discussing all aspects of the race selection process

    So, moving forward I want to keep this as easy as possible. I see the flow being:

    1. Picking a month to do this...
    2. Intro post explaining what you are up to.
    3. Installments of your post (think part 1,2,3 whatever) as you lay it out.
    4. Perhaps a call / seminar on the topic IF THAT MAKES SENSE
    5. Aggregating the info and lessons learned into something the Team can use (me and you here).

    So can you pick your month here and I'll schedule it up?

    ~ Coach P

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    I'll get rolling pretty soon. I'm waiting for the new Stryd Power Center rollout, which is expected any day. I thought that would be a good segway into the topic.


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    @Coach Patrick I sent you an email on Dec 23rd, which may have gotten lost in the holiday bustle. Here's what it said:

    "I have already started doing some personal reflecting in my journal/blog on my Ironman career. I suspect that would be helpful to those earlier in their own progression, especially those over 50, and anyone who has improvement aspirations. I've also started collecting similar stories (already written) from the years 2001-2006 detailing my personal journey in triathlon which culminated in my first trip to Kona. I’m doing that to make a little Blurb book, but there also might be nuggets/insights/inspiration there for team members."

    This project has progressed to the point where I have everything ready to put into book form, which would be available as PDF or as a paper copy. Highlights could also serve as forum posts. There are about 50 "chapters", which are mostly race reports told in story format.

    This is not a "how-to" book, but more of a "how-I-did-it". Scattered throughout are a bunch of my own observations of what works and what not to do. IMO, a cool thing about this book will be that the author did not know the long-term outcome at the time he was writing the stories.

    Here's a link to one of my favorite stories in there, about the first 25 miles of the marathon, IM CdA '06:

    If you want to know how it ends, you'll just have to wait for the book. (or click on the forward link at the end of the story)

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    @Coach Patrick -

    I'd be happy to do any of these - April onwards are better for me.

    -making your tri-dollar go further: best bang for the buck purchases // aka the 'Low/high' thread

    -travel tips for the triathlete

    -mental skills for race execution

    -the plateau: how to get there, how to stay there, how to move on

    -Kona: it's not the heat, it's the heat

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    @Dave Tallo add SLEEP to your list. I'd be glad to contribute to the health hazards of poor sleep

    @Coach Patrick

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    I’d be happy to continue to discuss how to use Zwift in training as well as helping with running questions.

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    edited March 1, 2020 2:29PM

    Hey @Coach Patrick I'd like to pivot and take one of the topics already outlined: the July one for volume pop. Sign me up to facilitate! Thanks!

    PS: I did e-mail the link below as well. #IFollowDirections #Sometimes

    July: Peak Weekend Planning

    • When: 7/15/20 @ 9:00pm EDT
    • Moderator: Needed, please Email Us
    • RSVP: https://zoom.us/j/668536816
    • Overview: The use of a volume “pop“ has become a staple element of most endurance nation plans. Concentrating volume into a specific block of time create race-like conditions as well as the opportunity for boosting your fitness before the big day. Learn how your teammates make this magic happen. All sports are welcome.

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    Team WSM! We need some help as @Jenn Edwards Won't be able to awesome-ify the July 15th Seminar (topic below). Is anyone free around that time to help facilitate the conversation? We can adjust date and time as needed...

    ~ Coach P

    July: Peak Weekend Planning

    • When: 7/15/20 @ 9:00pm EDT
    • Moderator: Needed, please Email Us
    • RSVP: https://zoom.us/j/668536816
    • Overview: The use of a volume “pop“ has become a staple element of most endurance nation plans. Concentrating volume into a specific block of time create race-like conditions as well as the opportunity for boosting your fitness before the big day. Learn how your teammates make this magic happen. All sports are welcome.

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    Coach P - this thread was a reminder that I've already dropped the ball
    once on the VR writeup....it's been sitting in draft mode and I totally
    forgot it. I'll use this as a trigger to get that done and published and
    as my penance I'll also host this session
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    Thank you for the assist @Coach Patrick and for the save @Jeremy Behler !😍

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    @Jeremy Behler You rock‼️ Info coming over for Zoom...let's test it next week...

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