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Gregory Palmer Official Coach Thread [PlanEN]

Here's your personal Coach Thread, as promised. This is where you'll return to post all your "coach" questions as responses; I'll see them and reply. This first post is here to guide you through your first year on EN, so you can always come back here.

As you'll see in this forum, I handle all manner of edits and changes. So post away, know that I reply here usually M/W/F each week.

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Coach Notes

Video Coming Soonn

Your Races

Your Top Event / Race for the Season is:

Ironman Florida November 2021

Your Second Event / Race for the Season is:

70.3 Caseville July

Your Third Event / Race for the Season is:

70.3 September

Your Notes

Tell Us Your Background / Racing History: 15 years sprint to Ironman, competitive swimmer

What is Your Focus Level for this Season? Perform My Best at a Big Race

Give Us One Sentence That Defines Your Successful Season: Consistancy and making steady gains

What is Your Biggest Limiter to Success? Run durability

Anything Else We Should Know? I do better without a rest day, active recovery due to Anklosing Spondylitis

Season Outline

These are your recommended training plans, including the date you should start each one (sometimes you won't complete a full plan but transition to another one). You can change your plans on Final Surge by clicking on Training Plans / My Plans. Learn more about each plan on the Training Plan Central Page.

>> Last updated by Coach on 12/02/2020

  • On 11/30/2020 Load the  Durability for Triathletes 2 (8 months out) -- 4 weeks to end on  12/27/2020 35 [  5  weeks  ]
  • On 1/4/2021  Load the  OutSeason for Triathletes (Bike Focus) Plan (14wks) to end on  4/11/2021  98 [  14 weeks  ]
  • On 4/12/2021  Load the  Swim Camp  to end on  4/25/2021  14 [  2  weeks  ]
  • On 4/26/2021  Load the  EN Half Run Focused (12wks) to end on  7/11/2021  77 [  11 weeks  ]
  • On 7/12/2021  Load the  Post Half Iron Transition Plan All Levels (2wks)  to end on  7/25/2021  7  [  1  weeks  ]
  • On 7/19/2021  Load the  EN Full Prep Plan (4wks)  to end on  8/15/2021  28 [  4  weeks  ]
  • On 8/16/2021  Load the  EN Full Bike Focused (12wks)  to end on  11/7/2021  84 [  12 weeks  ]
  • On 11/8/2021  Load the  Post Ironman Transition Plan All Levels (4wks) to end on  12/5/2021  28 [  4  weeks  ]

Training Plan Support in Your First Month

You can connect with @matt limbert as needed in your first month to get dialed in with your training plans and data. You can set up a call with him online here: https://calendly.com/new-member-phone-call/1 and he'll be on this thread shortly!

Your Homework

Tell Me Your Season Goals

•  What will make you consider this season a success?

•  What's your biggest limiter right now?

** The Athlete Roadmap Videos & Start Learning **

Join Coach Patrick for a walkthrough of the Endurance Nation Athlete experience to learn more about how our system works to help you achieve your personal best. You'll want to watch the Phase One Structure videos -- there are four -- to get completely up to speed!

Every month we hold live events as part of our commitment to make you just as smart as you are fit. Feel free to visit our Coach Lesson page and our Office Hours page to find the next opportunity to connect with Coach Patrick and your Teammates.

Contact Points

As part of your journey to becoming a Self Coached Triathlete inside TeamEN, we are prepared to give you excellent support for your first 90 days. Our goal is to transition you from live, in-person support to using our digital resources and the Team to help you continue your progress as you execute your Three Year Plan.

These are all the key points in your first year where we must talk. Please remember to include your phone number.

•  Welcome Call in Week One (set it up here)

•  Training Plan Call in Week Two to talk about your season (set it up here)

•  End of Trial Call -- We review your experience & Unlock Year One / Race Execution for you (set it up here)

•  End of Season Call -- We review your year & Strategize for your End of Year Gap and Year Two (TBD in this Coach Thread)


•  Coach Questions - Right here in this thread. Always reply to this same thread, it keeps a record for us as we evolve together!

•  General Questions - Simple stuff can go to the General Discussion Forum for the Team to answer. For example, Best Bike? How to improve run cadence? How to flip turn?

•  Need Help? - Please check the EN Help Site first!

•  Admin Questions - Billing or orders or whatnot? Use the red chat button at the bottom of the Members Site (not forums) or email us here.

•  Specific Questions about a Race or Power, etc? - You can post those into the General Discussion Forum and set the title or tags for that topic. Race questions to the Racing Forum, etc. Not sure where to post? Put it in the General Discussion forum and we will sort it out. Whatever you do, PLEASE ask your questions!!

For short or last minute questions, we recommend you use the Red Chat Icon on the main Members website.

We have also organized a complete chart of the best ways to contact us online here.

Your First Month on the Team

You have quite a few things to do when you start up. There are instructions on the top of the website, but you can review them under Resources / Trial Member Welcome.

Your First Year Inside Endurance Nation

This will be unlocked after your trial expires.

Looking forward to working with you this year,

~ Coach P

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