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🚨Moving to a New Community Platform | DEC 2020 🚨

TEAM! We are excited to Usher in a new era of the community for Endurance Nation. On December 3 we sent invitations to all Endurance Nation members to begin accessing the new platform. I am pasting the instructions below as well in case you missed it and somehow ended up in these forms. These forums will eventually be "locked" and made read only as an archive for the Team.

Here Are the Steps:

  1. Set aside 10 minutes to do this, and have a good photo of you ready! We recommend doing this on the device you will use to access Endurance Nation.
  2. Watch a video of the entire process, so you can’t get it wrong: Click Here
  3. Below the login box, click the Forgot Password link (we don’t store your passwords for security reasons). 
  4. Enter your EN account email address (NOT your username) and request that link. If you don’t get a link after 15 minutes, you should check with us to make sure you are using the email we have for you on file.
  5. Create that new password, effectively activating your account on the new website.  Your email address and that new password will be your login credentials. 
  6. You’ll be taken to a page where it will ask you to “connect” your account with our new community platform. Click the blue button in the center of that page to proceed. 
  7. Follow the guide to create your new account profile on the community side, including that awesome photo. 
  8. Walk through the welcome steps to explore the community. 

Here is the Link: https://newmembers.endurancenation.us (remember to save it on your computer!)

If you have questions or concerns, please email us here.

~ Coach Patrick

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